Truck Wreckers Offers Upto $10000 CASH for Removals in Perth

Sina Car Removals has an extensive inventory of truck parts that we have acquired from thousands of dismantled Trucks. We have parts for light Trucks, flatbeds, box trucks, towers and more, ranging from engines to transmissions all through to alternators.  Our staff are veterans in the truck wreckers industry and have accrued comprehensive experience in Car Dismantling Perth, parts and towing.  You can rest assured that our parts have been cleaned and inspected, and our “Towing services” are performed without issue. We are proud to say that we offer both the best value for your car, and best value for our parts.

Make use of our Truck Wreckers service today and call us at 08 9358 1392.

Truck Wreckers Perth With The Experience To Pay The Most $$$ For Your Vehicle

Standard or automatic, you have “Truck Wreckers in Perth” that knows their business. We start with one of our expert appraiser determining the value of your vehicle. Working closely with our Auto Wreckers that have the skills to tear apart trucks to both recycle and recondition working parts, your Scrap, Damaged or Accident Truck quickly adds up to $10000. ‘We pay Top Cash for trucks & 4x4s’ of any make & condition.

Truck Wreckers That Refurbish Parts

At Sina Car Removal, we are Truck Wreckers that want to Buy Your Truck for Parts we can refurbish. We know the value of what’s under the hood of any make & condition of a vehicle and are ready to offer vehicle owners a fair price for their truck.

Truck Wreckers That Recycle Vehicles In Perth

As Truck Wreckers that recycle vehicles, what we don’t refurbish will be recycled. Our “Truck Wreckers Perth” have the knowledge and skills to recycle all parts of a vehicle with the exception of any good working parts that we will refurbish for resale.  With our recycling standards, truck owners can expect good value for their scrap, accident or damaged truck or 4×4.

Free Towing So You Don’t Pay for Your Truck Removals

At Sina Car Removal, we provide our customers with “Free Truck Removals”, so they don’t waste time or money towing the vehicle to us. We provide this service around the clock to all vehicle owners located in Perth. Get your Truck Removed from your property at a time that is convenient for you and a Cash for Truck payment.

When You Sell Your Truck to Sina Car Removal

When you Sell Your Truck to Sina Car Removal, you are selling your truck to a Truck Buyer in Perth that does value your vehicle. We buy Scrap, Damaged and Wrecked Trucks for anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. And, we don’t just buy scrap, damaged and accident vehicles. We also buy used autos.

Selling Your Truck to Sina Car Removal works like this:

1.    You have a vehicle you’d like to get cleared from your property and get a fair price for the auto. Contact us over the phone or through our “get a quote” form at the top of this page.
2.    We’ll make you an offer and you let us know if you’d like to accept or reject the offer.
3.    Vehicle owners that accept our Cash for Trucks offer will then be asked a time convenient for us to come to remove their truck. We work 24/7, so anytime that is convenient for the truck owner is a time that can be scheduled.
4.    We arrive to inspect, remove & buy your vehicle. We do ask that while you are waiting for our arrival, you gather the title of ownership or scrap certificate for the vehicle, have your photo ID ready so that we can confirm your identity and have the plates for the vehicle. We provide all other necessary paperwork like a sales contract, so you are assured that you have sold your truck to a legitimate Truck Buyer in Perth.
5.    You count your cash.

Sina Car Removal is a licenced and insured Truck Buyer & Wrecker that will make you a Cash for Trucks offer today. Call us at 08 9358 1392