Quick, convenient and always paid in cold hard cash.  That is the concept of our used & scrap car buying services at Sina Car Removal.  We are a company that’s policy is to pay cash for cars of any make, any condition, any year, and any model.  Why?  Because we are used car traders & Car Wreckers Perth that have the buying power to do so!

Our services are designed for our customers to receive the best car selling experience, making sure they become repeat customers.  With the years of experience, we have in the industry, word of mouth and loyal customers have helped our success tremendously.  We have that to thank to both our customers, and also our great team of auto experts at Sina Car Removal.


As for our services, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best car removal services in Perth.  We start the car buying process by asking vehicles owners that are interested in selling their unwanted car to contact us.  This can be complete over the phone, or here through our “Get a Quote” form located on our web page. We’ll then ask for the details of their vehicle, and then provide them with a quote.  Our quotes are honoured provided that the customer has provided us with an accurate description of the vehicle. For instance, if they say the body is in one piece but fail to say it is completely rusted out, then obviously the vehicle is not worth our quoted price.

Vehicle owners can accept our quotes or reject them with no pressure.  Once accepted, we’ll then schedule a free car removal in Perth.  This is where the convenience comes in.  Firstly, our car removals only take about 45 minutes to complete.  Just time enough for a quick inspection, and to sign paperwork, and exchange the title of ownership or scrap certificate for our cash offer.  All payments are made in cold cash.  We further the conveniences by offering car removals at our customers’ convenience.  Our car removal technicians work around the clock collecting vehicles in any location in Perth each day of the year.  So, whether AM or PM, weekday, weekend or holiday, we will remove your vehicle at a time, you schedule.

We are also an eco-friendly company that focuses on keeping our imprint on the environment to a minimum.  We do this through our eco-friendly car disposals where our auto wreckers practice the green principles of car recycling.  We are the auto wreckers in Perth that do contribute to keeping the environment clean.

Our company is among the leading car removal companies in Perth because our focus is towards vehicle owners and the community.

Contact Us Today

To receive an instant cash quote or to schedule a Free Car Removals or scrap car removal, contact Sina Car Removal at the number below.  We can also be reached through our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.

Call us at 08 9358 1392