Car Wreckers Perth Free Pick Up

You can make a fortune by having your car wrecked. We collect your old or unwanted cars and pay you a very sizeable sum of money for it. You can make up to 10 grand from your car which can easily fund your next holiday or a new TV with money to spare. If you’re in for some money in a hurry, our service can get it to you within the day. With us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value for your car. We utilise a two-stage valuation system that ensures that final value you get is tailored directly to your car. We are so confident in our prices that we don’t collect your vehicle unless you have finalised the paperwork and confirmed that you are satisfied with the deal.

Make use of our Car Wreckers Perth service today and call us at 08 9358 1392.

Stuff We Need Before Selling Unwanted Cars

  • A valid photo ID – this is just to confirm your identity
  • Title of ownership, or scrap certificate – to make sure that you are or are authorised by the legal owner of the car
  • Number plates removed from your vehicle – if you can do this yourself that would be awesome, but if not, one of our technicians can easily take it off on the day of the collection.
  • All personal items removed – this is just to make sure you don’t lose any important belongings and to save time and effort trying to track down your item.
  • If possible, your car parked in an accessible location – to ensure a speedy removal process.  Sometimes this may not be possible and that’s ok.

The process To Get Rid Off Your Car For Cash In Perth

    • Give us a call at 08 9358 1392 or send us a message via our website or email.  We ask that you include as much as details of your car as you can, such as make, model, age, condition, mileage, etc.
    • We get back to you with an approximate cash offer based on the details you have provided.
    • If you accept the cash offer, we can then proceed to schedule an appointment for a pick-up.  We’ll work with you in figuring out a place and time that’s best for you.
    • On the day of the appointment, we’ll perform a final valuation on-site.  At this time we’ll confirm the details you have provided in the initial request as well as conduct closer inspection into the parts and devices, such as a working radio or a functional transmission system.
    • You then fill out some forms, we pay Top Cash For Cars in the method of your choice (bank transfer, cheque or cash), and then we collect your car.

Best Value, Guaranteed Wrecking Service

Our team is vastly experienced in appraising cars and as Prime Car Wreckers.  They have inspected over a thousand cars in their careers and through this we have established an internal database of not only the value of vehicles, but also of individual parts.  So even if your car doesn’t function properly as a whole, individual parts may still be serviceable.  This means that rather than getting some vague value for your car as a whole, our values are drawn from each fact of your car which come together to provide a more accurate representation of your car’s value.  In this token, even a car with atrociously battered exterior but functional interior will still attract a high price with us, compared to other businesses that slap on a price after a glance.

Save Money With Reconditioned Spare Parts

Paying premium for parts doesn’t always equal a good deal. Refurbished parts can get save you quite a lot of money yet still provide similar or equal performance and longevity to brand new parts.  At Sina Car Removals, we source and recondition all types of car parts we salvage from all the vehicles we purchase.  Our parts are kept clean and well maintained up to a reasonable standard to ensure that you receive quality spares at low, low prices. No matter what make or model of your car is, or what part you need, we’ll probably have it.  So give us a visit and check for yourself!

To receive an instant cash quote or to schedule a Perth Car Wreckers service contact Sina Car Removal at the number below.  We can also be reached through our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.

Call us at 08 9358 1392