Auto Dismantlers & Car Disposal Perth

We will Dismantle your car for you and pay for it, which can net you up to 10 grand in cold hard cash. We are professional “Auto Dismantlers” and will quickly and efficiently evict your car from the premises. Sina Car Removals are veterans in the industry so you can rest assured that the process will proceed as planned. As with most of our customers, this may be your first experience with a Car Removals in Perth and auto dismantlers service and may be unsure of how everything is supposed to go down. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through every step of the way so you are kept in the loop and not doing it in the dark.

Make use of our ‘Perth Auto Dismantlers’ service today and call us at 08 9358 1392.

Dismantling a vehicle is no job for an amateur. Sina Car Removal is a professional Auto Wrecker with the equipment and skills to dismantle and recycle vehicles nearly 100 percent. Our Auto Dismantling is state of the art with the talent and experience of our wreckers; vehicles are dismantled and recycled to their fullest value.

We are Perth Auto Dismantlers that recondition parts and recycle what cannot be reconditioned. With our system you get value, you wouldn’t think of for your vehicle.

Free Auto Dismantling and Cash for the Vehicle

While we know some vehicles may have no parts under the hood that are worth recycling, we still make fair cash offers on vehicles. We pay Cash for Cars of any Make & Condition because we are Wreckers, Mechanics, and Recyclers that can refurbish or get the green from recycling the vehicle. Our Auto Dismantling Services are a courtesy to all vehicle owners in PERTH.

Genuine Used Auto Parts Tested & Certified

We aren’t Wreckers that pull parts that won’t keep the engine going for more than a few miles. All parts that are sold as used auto parts are tested and certified, ensuring value for money. With Sina Car Removal, there is no reason to pay the high prices of new parts. Our refurbished parts offer the performance and longevity that will keep your vehicle going. We salvage parts from all makes & models of vehicles, providing our customers with an extensive stock of quality refurbished auto parts.

Quick & Convenient Car Wrecking Perth – We Come to You to Buy Your Car

Sina Car Removal offers free towing to all our customers. The process is quick, taking about a half hour to an hour. When we arrive to inspect your vehicle, we arrive with our tow truck ready to remove the vehicle.  Our mechanic will quickly inspect the vehicle to ensure its condition – scrap, used, accident or damaged, and then provide the paperwork to make the sale of the vehicle legal, putting our Cash for Cars offer in your hands.\

Selling Your Car To Sina Car Removal 

Selling your vehicle to Sina Car Removal only takes obtaining and accepting our Cash for Scrap, Used, Damaged or Wrecked Car quote. We make offers over the phone and through our web page. Just complete the form at the top right or give us a call at 08 9358 1392.

1.    Contact us with the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle, and we’ll give you a quote.
2.    Accept or reject our Cash for Cars offer.
3.    Schedule a Free Car Removal.

When you accept our Cash for Scrap Car offer, there is not much left but to look forward to counting your cash. We arrive ready to inspect and remove the vehicle, and within minutes, our cash offer is in your hands. We do ask that you have the following ready when we arrive:

  • A valid photo ID that shows you are you
  • The title of ownership or scrap certificate for your vehicle
  • The plates of the vehicle removed
  • Personal belongings removed from the inside of the vehicle

Car, truck, 4×4, Ute, Jeep, van, bus or bike – we’ll buy it today!  Call Sina Car Removal at 08 9358 1392.