4WD Wreckers Perth & Four Wheel Drive Dismantlers & Recyclers

If you’re looking to have your 4WD wrecked, or find used parts for your 4WD we are the place for you.  We offer a “Free 4WD Wreckers” service that can net you up to 10 grand in cold hard cash.  Not only do we get rid of your unwanted 4WD for free, but you get a substantial amount of money in return. We buy from all makes and models including Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, KIA, Benz, FordHonda and more.  We take in vehicles regardless of condition and age, so even if it’s long past its prime, you can still make considerable cash from it. We use a two-stage verification system which accurately determines the worth of your car.  So even if it’s not working properly, your vehicle may still have many usable parts that will increase its value.

Make use of our “4WD Wreckers” service today and call us at 08 9358 1392.

Sell Your Unwanted Or Old 4wd (Four Wheel Drive) 4×4 To Us For Top $$$$$$

Special vehicles deserve the expertise of a Wrecker that specialises in the auto. At Sina Car Removal, you have the specialist you are looking for when it comes to your 4×4. We are 4WD Wreckers that know 4x4s are vehicles that are in a class of their own. With our expertise and knowledge of 4wheel drive vehicles, you get the best Cash for 4WD offer for your auto.

4WD Wreckers That Believe In Keeping Things Green

As 4×4 Wreckers in Perth that believe in the concept of green, vehicle owners can count on us to adhere to the Green Principles of Auto Wrecking. With our Green Standards, what we can’t refurbish such as parts under the hood will be recycled. Our high standards allow us to get the maximum value from 4x4s of any make and condition, keeping the environment green and putting the green in the wallets of our customers.

Free 4Wheel Drive Removals Anywhere In Perth

4WD owners that sell their vehicle to Sina Car Removal get a courtesy 4×4 Removal in Perth at no charge. We are auto buyers that take the time to provide our customers with services that are convenient. We are here to remove vehicles and put cash in the hands of the vehicle owners at times that are convenient for our customers. We work 24/7, so scheduling Free Car Removals at times that meet the hours of our customers are easily scheduled.

Why Choose Sina Car Removal?

When you chose Sina Car Removal, you choose a company that works for you. We are a ‘Car Removal Service in Perth’ that provides our customers with the best Car Removal Services in Perth that include:

  • Instant Cash for 4×4 Quotes – we’ll make you an offer on your 4Wheel Drive over the phone or through our “get a quote” form that can be found at the top right of this page. Accept the quote, and consider your vehicle SOLD for the cash amount we quoted.
  • Instant Cash for 4WD Payments – no waiting to get your hands on our great cash deal, we’ll put it in your hands the same day we make you an offer.
  • Free 4Wheel Drive Removals – at Sina Car Removal you can be anywhere in Perth, and we’ll come to your location to buy & remove your vehicle with no towing costs to you!
  • Free Eco-friendly 4×4 Disposals – our eco-friendly standards do away with toxins and contaminants polluting the environment. We practice green 4×4 recycling.
  • Provide the Paperwork – our sales contract is easy to understand and provides vehicle owners with the peace of mind that they have sold their auto to a legitimate 4WD Buyer in Perth.

Sell Your Car to Sina Car Removal

Get a quick and easy quote by giving Sina Car Removal a call at 08 9358 1392 or fill out our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.